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4-H in Minnesota

4-H is the biggest youth development organization in the state, with chapters in all counties for youth age kindergarten to 18. County fair winners can compete at the annual State Fair, a highlight of any young person’s life.

Did you know?
Thousands of youth participate in Minnesota 4-H clubs last year. Each club was led by a volunteer adult and guided by the youth development research and development work of thousands of professionals. Most of those professionals are associated with the University of Minnesota Extension, which is celebrating its centennial in 2009. Read more about 4-H and Extension

4-H Calendar

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State Arts-In

August 14-17, State Fairgrounds, St. Paul

State Dog Show

September 10-14, St. Cloud

Clowning Around

November 1-3, Rochester

To view county or local club events, visit the county web site.

Project Selection Guide

Click on your interests and see what 4-H projects you might enjoy!

Animal Science projects such as:

  • Exploring Animals Love animals? Learn skills to take care of animals.
  • Pets From birds to snakes, frogs to guinea pigs, learn about small pets.
  • Dogs Learn skills for dog care and training.
  • Horse Giddy up! Learn about show, trail and endurance riding.
  • Dairy Learn about manufacturing and marketing dairy products.
  • Beef Learn how to select, feed, care for and show a beef animal.
  • Poultry Learn how to raise turkeys, chickens, ducks or geese and more.
  • More

Citizenship & Leadership projects & events such as:

  • Citizenship Learn to solve problems and take action in your community.
  • Global Connections Join other kids and talk about world issues.
  • Youth Leadership Build relationships, develop communication and organization skills.
  • State Ambassadors Teach such topics as communication, diversity, and leadership to youth.
  • BLU! Attend an exciting leadership adventure with 400 Minnesota youth.
  • YELLO! Attend a fun annual statewide leadership conference.

Healthy Living projects such as:

  • Health Study nutrition and fitness and practice healthy choices.
  • Food & Nutrition Learn how to pick and prepare healthy meals
  • Bicycle Learn maintenance and safety; off-road biking, touring and racing!
  • Safety Teach fire, ATV’s, boats, water, electrical safety and more.
  • Natural Resources Explore more projects about growing and storing food.

Environmental & Earth Science projects such as:

  • Exploring the Environment Take hikes to a forest, field or stream. Make collections.
  • Entomology Make an insect collection net, pinning block and display case.
  • Forest Resources Find out how trees benefit your health.
  • Geology Learn about rocks, minerals and water that make up our planet.
  • Geospatial Learn about navigational tools – GIS and GPS – and orienteering.
  • Camping Put together all you’ve learned camping in the woods!
  • Get Green Reuse and Recycle. Start a neighborhood or school recycling program.

Family & Consumer Science projects such as:

Science, Engineering & Technology projects such as:

  • Aerospace Challenging activities on flying planes, launching rockets and conquering space.
  • Computers Learn to build a computer from scratch or all about the internet.
  • Electric Learn about electrical terms, simple circuits and electricity measurements.
  • Geospatial Learn about navigational tools – GIS and GPS – and orienteering.
  • Robotics Use science, math, engineering and technology to build your own robot.
  • Small engines Learn about two and four-cycle engines, building and servicing them.
  • Shop (Wood/Metal) Everything from measuring to building. Show off what you make.

Shooting Sports & Wildlife Management projects such as:

  • Shooting Sports Become a better shot, hunter and ethical sportsperson.
  • Wildlife Management Do habitat projects to learn about wildlife.
  • Water/Wetlands Learn about ecosystems, water quality and caring for Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.
  • Wildlife Biology Learn about the needs of wildlife and how you can improve habitats.
  • Fishing Sports Learn how to identify different fish how to tie lines and take a fishing trip!

Expressive Arts & Communication projects such as:

Natural Resource projects such as:

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Scholarships, Grants & Awards

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Opportunity Grants
Supports capacity building and program enhancement.

Helping Hand Grants
Funds projects that youth want to do

Kern Scholarship
Academic scholarships for 4-H alumni